Sad Anus

I did it again. I tore myself a new one. This time it wasn’t because of the dry climate. I had just made a log in the toilet, but it didn’t feel like I was completely finished with my poo session. I had one more turd left to push, except it was more of a pebble than a full grown turd. My poo was too small for my butt muscles to reach and push out, but it was too big to fit through my butthole. So I used my powerful hands, grabbed a butt cheek in each palm and tried to pull my hole a little bigger so the mini-poo would slide through. It didn’t work, and I cracked my crack instead. My little pebble eventually fell into the toilet after a few minutes of heavy pushing and butt clenches. As I finished, I wiped off the poo smears and the hemoglobin from my anus. Poor anus.

On second thought, don't pet it. It hurts.

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