Chipotle Poo

I ate Chipotle last night. I don’t eat there very often, so I was a little slow when deciding what I wanted in my burrito/salad/bowl/whatever else they have, but I was the only person in line so I didn’t try to rush my order. When I got to the salsa

Spicy Butt

I had spicy Sichuan cuisine for lunch today. I’m sure you know what that means. I had spicy Sichuan diarrhea a few hours after lunch today. It was red, oily, and watery. When I wiped, it looked like my butt on was on her lumpy period. The toilet looked like

Fire Butt

This dry, winter weather has not been kind to my skin. Particularly the area around my butthole region. Particulary my butthole. I’ve been having major girthy poops, and they’ve been stretching my bunghole to the max. Today’s dump was no different. It was long (it folded itself in the toilet)