Brown Christmas

Hope everyone had a pleasant and wonderful Christmas. I went to a friend’s for a little get together. The house was nicely decorated. The food smelled wonderful. The Christmas spirit was in the air. Until I went to use the guest bathroom. I went to relieve myself with #1, and

Beer Shits

I have never been a fan of alcoholic drinks. #1- I don’t like the taste of alcohol. #2- Alcohol gives me the beer shits. It doesn’t matter what kind of beverage I consume. Beer, wine, mixed drinks, cocktails.. the alcohol does not sit well with my insides, and by the

Mush, Dog!

My little 15 lb dog’s poops have been putting mine to shame lately. This morning he dropped a massive yellowish brown submarine bomb on the lawn. I had to break it up the log into three pieces just so I could scoop it up with my poop bag. I knotted