Mush, Dog!

My little 15 lb dog’s poops have been putting mine to shame lately. This morning he dropped a massive yellowish brown submarine bomb on the lawn. I had to break it up the log into three pieces just so I could scoop it up with my poop bag. I knotted the bag and proceeded to call my dog back in the house until he squatted and pushed out another yellowish brown submarine.. this time more of a splat than a bomb. I didn’t have another poop bag handy, so I un-knotted the one I just used and tried to scoop up as much of the splatters as I could. I don’t know how this happened, but all the poo somehow smeared all around the edge of the bag and outside the bag. My fingers were tinted in yellow. It was very vomit-inducing. But I guess that is not as bad as the time (about 3 days ago) when I was walking my dog. He pooped and I bagged it up, not knowing there was a hole at the bottom. That was no problem because I did not make any skin contact with the poo, but another dog walked past us and mine went into crazy-demon-mode, so I had to pick him up to calm him down (while I was holding the poop bag). He was going crazy, squirming in my arms. Lucky me, I had the bag between my dog and my body. So after the other dog was far away enough for me to release my dog back on the sidewalk, I looked down and saw my left side was covered.. I mean COVERED.. in yellow mushed-up-poo-mush. It was all over my shirt, it was on my arms, my hands, my fingers, and on the leash. I’m sure my dog did that on purpose because he knows how much I love to talk about poop.. I bet he reads this blog.

I wish the poop on my shirt was this cute.

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