Bathroom Buddies

I went to poop in the office bathroom, and when I sat down a lady colleague sat in the adjacent stall. We both opened our orifices at the same time and released our waste simultaneously; she peed and I pooped. She peed a long, steady stream, and my poo log

Power Pee-er

Yesterday after work, I went into the womens restroom to change into my running clothes. As I was changing, someone came in to pee. When she first started her stream, it was a very tight tinkle. Then two seconds later, she was peeing like a racehorse with a very strong


You know how when you’re with a group of friends and a good song comes on, so all of you sing at the top of your lungs, and then halfway through the song you blurt out the wrong lyrics while everyone else is silent, and you feel like a dumb