Mush, Dog!

My little 15 lb dog’s poops have been putting mine to shame lately. This morning he dropped a massive yellowish brown submarine bomb on the lawn. I had to break it up the log into three pieces just so I could scoop it up with my poop bag. I knotted

we are family

as i was in the bathroom making my submarines, someone walked in and took a stall two down from me. i didnt know who it was, nor did i care, but as soon as she unzipped and sat down, her butt tooted a familiar note and i knew which coworker

shiver me timbers

ahoy, mateys! so i took my big buffet dump. it came out a little spicy, but nothing too crazy. it wasnt completely mush.. the logs looked like rolled up mushy submarines… soft and delicate. when i flushed the toilet, they werent ready to ship out to the seven seas yet,