About Poots and Toots

Poots and Toots is the personal diary of a 100 lb* girl’s love of poops and farts. Some of the stories come from my own bodily functions, and some stories are told second-hand. I’m the gal that heard you fart as you pretended it was your shoe squeaking. Remember that turd you left in the public toilet for an unsuspecting poor soul? I’m the one that found it and blogged about it. From time to time I may post a dookie photo or video, but let’s be realistic… poop is (kinda) gross to look at, but it’s super fun to talk about!

I’ll update this blog as much as I can, but please don’t be disappointed when I don’t write about every dump I take or every instance of gas I pass. After all, girls don’t poo or fart!

*i disclose my weight because some of my poos are so massive you’d think i was 200 lbs.

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  1. Dick Fitzwell | | Reply

    You are awesome! I love your website!

  2. Amber | | Reply

    I love laughing at farts and when people bend over in public places, I make a fart sound and sometimes they yell at me. I’m 32.

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