Stinky Disclaimer!

If you are easily offended by things that come out of  butts, close this site (and your butt) now!

If you don’t like words including but not limited to butt, fart, poop, dump, turd, nugget, green apple splatters, a-hole, diarrhea, ass, floater, dookie, butthole, v’jayjay, queef, Lincoln log, poop soup, poop shoot, squirts, soft-serve, mudslides, or number2… gits away from here! Now!

The people and stories I blog about are real, but I will never disclose real names, so you will never know who done it! Unless of course it was done by me. In that case you’ll know I’m the stinky culprit.


  1. Karen | | Reply

    I think you’re secretly really a guy who likes to pretend he’s a girl (at least on the internet) but I still love you and can’t believe how freakin’ funny this site is!

    • pooter | | Reply

      thank you, karen! that is a huge compliment. but i have a v’jayjay, not a wiener!

  2. Chili The Border Collie | | Reply

    It kinda makes people throw up sometimes.

    • Chili The Border Collie | | Reply

      No offence, though.

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