girls only

hey ladies, question: do you have an excessive amount of shit before and/or during your period? im not talking about emotional baggage shit related to pms but actual amounts of extra dookie baggage. i don’t know if it’s just me, but the day before the red river flows, i will poop three times. they are not three tiny poops that equal the usual size of a one-a-day poo. my three-trips-in-one-day to the bathroom produces three separate gigantic toilet-clogging logs. it’s actually a great way of alerting me when aunt ruby is about to visit. but i don’t understand how i can produce such massive amounts of shit in one day without changing my diet. i guess my body is just getting rid of all the toxins as it starts to push out the old stale clotty blood from my uterus. but not to be outdone, on day one of ragtime i also poo 3-4 times. i feel lucky; periods usually bloat girls, but my period gives me a natural enema without the enema.

girls only!

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