please, ladies

it’s disgusting going into a woman’s bathroom stall to find a toilet seat covered in pee. it especially sucks when you’ve got to go really really badly and there isn’t a second to spare to wipe the seat down before your bladder explodes.

ladies, i understand that sitting on a public toilet is gross and that hovering over these toilets is required, but could you please at least wipe the seat after you’re done? don’t you find it embarrassing to pee on the seat and to have the next person in line for that stall know you did it? i know it’s hard for a woman to aim while hovering over the toilet, and different factors go into how much pee will end up on the seat (maybe one leg is shorter than the other so the pee strays, or maybe the carpet downstairs isn’t groomed so the stream catches onto the curlies and ricochets onto the seat, or maybe the knees aren’t bent enough so instead of the pee falling straight down into the toilet, it falls straight down onto the front of the bowl, on the seat, and down her drawers). whatever the excuse, there really is no good excuse to not wipe up your mess. why do i even care about this if i also hover? i have weak knees and sometimes i lose my balance and end up bare-assed on the seat. if i fall, i do not want to fall on a stranger’s urine. *shivers*

please please please ladies! after you wipe yourself, wipe the seat! you know you’d appreciate the gesture, too!

toilet pee

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