orgasmic pee

my coworker (who has not yet made an appearance on this blog) has a really good time when she uses the bathroom. i mean, reallllly good time. after she pees, she lets out a super long orgasmic sigh. the first time i heard it, i was seriously confused. wtf just happened?! i thought maybe someone else was in the stall with her making hanky panky, but nope, it was just her. i later realized she’s just very vocal, eer not shy about her sound effects. another time, she pooped in the stall next to me and she made loud ehhhhnnn poo-pushing sounds. no shame. she pushed really loudly and violently like she was having a baby. i didn’t stay long enough in the bathroom to hear if she was successful in squeezing out her turd, but i’m sure she popped a vein.


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