Watermelon overload

I ate an entire watermelon over the course of four days. Word of advice, don’t eat an entire watermelon over the course of four days. I have never been so gassy. I tried holding in as much fart as I could while at work those days, fearful that if I let any of it out it might smell or make a sound. I ran to the bathroom a few times to release. I let out enough wind in one fart that it could have inflated a small balloon. There was so much gas inside my stomach it looked like it was in its second trimester, and the watermelon wizz in my bladder added to that aesthetic. I had no idea my body would hold so much fluid; it felt like my pee streams were going for at least 30 seconds. However, it was nice that my urine was clear and smelled less uriney. It didn’t smell like watermelon, but it didn’t have that lingering pee smell either. I’ve been off the watermelon for a couple days now. The yellowness is coming back in my tinkles, but at least the bloaty gas is gone.

I had a watermelon belly for four days

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