Period Power

I love being on the rag. No, seriously, I do. I can always tell when I’m about to start my monthly ritual of non-stop blood squirting when my body releases ginormous amounts of poop. It usually means two to three trips to the bathroom a day unloading massive quantities of squishy poo. It doesn’t come out in log form; my period poos are more like mush or mud landslides. I feel like I have full body catharsis during Aunt Ruby’s visit. Not only am I cleansing my uterus of its bloody mess, my intestines are also experiencing a mass exodus of toxins. I love being a girl.

Apologies if this image offends you, but it's sort of hilarious

And no, today’s poo has nothing to do with yesterday’s squirts! I have two very different types of soft poo with it comes to poo from food bacteria vs. poo from monthly periods. I am a woman of many poos. Diversity is awesome.

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