Fears of Flying

Sorry for the silence lately. I was on holiday, but I’m back and I’ve learned a new thing about myself. I thought I was afraid to fly because of my fear of heights and plane crashes. But after my last flight, I think I am more afraid of who I’ll sit next to, in front of, or behind. My neighbor was alright.. she had a bit of body odor, but it wasn’t bad when her arms were at her side. However, the guy sitting behind me farted a few times. He must have eaten cabbage soup or rotten eggs for dinner because that’s what it smelled like. How do you not smell your own fart on a plane? I can understand when you can’t smell your own breath, but you can always smell your own fart! On the subject of breath, he also had really bad breath. He was heavy on the exhaling, so it was three hours of inhaling his rancid exhale (in addition to his sulfuric farts). It was a nauseating flight experience, but on the bright side, the plane didn’t crash!

I guess I should be thankful I didn't have to sit next to this

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