Poop Deck

I suffer from travel constipation. It had been 3 days since I pooped. I was feeling bottom-heavy and extremely backed up. I finally felt a mild bowel movement and planned to sit on the hotel toilet until I pushed out the poo that was clogging up my system. I heaved and hoed, and I finally got that sucker out.. but not without some pain and tear-age. The toilets over here are different; the hole is in the front of the toilet, and the mid to back of the toilet has an elevated flat surface (without much water). As I sat and shat, I pooed 3 days worth of poop. If it had been 4 days of poop, I think the build-up of poo on the flat toilet surface (I like to call it a poop deck) would have made contact with my butt. At least there was no back splash (as there would have been if I was on an American toilet.. my turds were like cannon balls).

The toilet I used sort of looked like this, except the poop deck was more elevated.

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