Sometimes my mind is not in the right place.. I stare into space and before I know it, 10 minutes has already gone by. Other times my mind will wander off while I’m doing something, and when I’ve finished my task I don’t have a clue what I just did. Take for instance this morning– I took my dog out, let him poop, scooped up his poop in a bag, cleaned him up, fed him, and left for work. I spaced out somewhere in between scooping up his poop and going to work. When I got to the office, I removed my water bottle from my gym bag, put it to my mouth, and took a swig of water .. except this water did not smell like water. It smelled like poop. I had thrown my dog’s poop bag into my gym bag, and my water bottle was lying next to the poop, only separated by a very thin layer of cheap plastic. I vow never to space out again.

I could have used one of these.

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