Butt Peeper

As I mentioned a couple days ago, my colon has been working non-stop in getting rid of my travel constipation. Not all of the exiting poo was soft. As you can imagine, the first few dumps were hard and a bit painful to push out. So naturally I had some tear-age in the butthole region. It’s been really itchy, so when I’m in the privacy and comfort of my own home, I am constantly scratching it. I was in the kitchen yesterday and itching feverishly at my bunghole. I stopped to sniff my fingers a few times to check for butt stank (there was none… honest!) but as I was doing this, I looked through my open blinds and saw my neighbor in his window. We did not make eye contact at that moment, but I’m pretty sure he watched me pick my butt and stiff my fingers. I am mortified.

Always close your blinds before picking your butt.

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