Nightmare Come True

Seems like my nightmares of late have come true. I had to pee so badly yesterday. I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I was forced to use the public restroom… at WALMART of all places. The bathroom was just how I pictured it: dirty, smelly, toilet paper all over the tile floor, and random damp spots on the floor. All the stalls were taken except the handicap stall. I did not want to use it because the toilet is set a littler higher than usual making it more difficult to hover, but I had no choice.. my pee was about to rupture my bladder. And of course the seat was doused in urine. I lightly wiped it off as swiftly and quickly as I could because I didn’t want it to soak through the toilet paper and onto my delicate fingers. I then placed a toilet seat protector and multiple layers of toilet paper over that. Even with all those sheets separating me from the toilet seat, I still hovered to urinate. All was going well– I held my balance and peed. As I started to wipe, the automatic toilet flusher decided to turn on. Have you ever seen a documentary on how many germs whoosh up from the toilet bowl as it flushes? Billions and billlllions of germy particles fly up several feet, and now all those gazillion germs were on my butt.. not to mention a few diluted urine splashes from the industrial strength flush shot up from the bowl and landed on my bare ass. I WANTED TO CRY. If the drops landed on my butt, they must have also landed on the backside of my pants as well. Hell, maybe they even shot up and got on the bottom part of the back of my shirt. I took a scolding hot shower when I got home, and I plan on incinerating my clothes. Reminiscing about this incident makes me want to cry right now.

Watch for falling prices.. and splashy toilet water

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