Smooth Poo

I took a fat juicy dump and looked in the toilet to admire my creation. To my horror I saw that my poo was a pinkish red color. About three quarters of the poo looked like it was coated with Pepto-Bismol. I thought it was blood and freaked out. As I wiped, I expected the toilet paper to have streaks of blood mixed with poo smears. No blood, just poo. Weird. I wiped again and right as my hand was underneath my a-hole, a small pinkish bulb fell in my palm. It was a grapefruit pulp. It fell from the rim of my bunghole and into my hand. Barf. My poo was pink because it was covered with grapefruit pulp. This was amazing to me because I only ate two small slices of grapefruit the day before. However, the amazement quickly went away when I remembered I had butt pulp in my hand. I failed at my own art of wipe.

I make pretty poops

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