Bathroom Warzone

The women’s restroom at my office is a total wreck by the end of the work day. Toilet paper crumpled everywhere, sticky and dried urine on the floor tiles and toilet seat, and visible traces of feces around the bowls. Looks like my coworkers had a PP and TP fight party and didn’t invite me.

I went to relieve myself around 6pm before my drive home. Upon entering the restroom, a pile of wet toilet paper greeted me at my feet. I stepped over that and went to my usual stall. Someone had peed on the floor, but she was considerate enough to throw on a wad of toilet paper to soak up the urine. However, she left the pee-infused TP on the floor. I backed away and checked the second stall. This one was a little cleaner, but instead of urine on the floor, there was urine on the seat. Stall number three: Urine on the floor? None. Urine on the seat? None! Feces on the seat and in the bowl? You got it! I was so disgusted I decided not to try my luck at the other restroom. Instead I did the pee pee dance all the way home.

This was me yesterday.

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