I am a Lady

I was at my boyfriend’s place eating dinner and watching TV. We had ice cream for dessert. My inability to digest lactose had my intestines gurgling and filling up with gas. I didn’t want to fart next to him because I knew it would be stinky (I’m a really nice girlfriend and a refined lady). So I kept my butthole pinched and my buttcheeks held tightly together for the duration of the show we were watching. When it was over, I excused myself to the bathroom. The gas had built up so much that as soon as I sat down on the toilet, I no longer had control of my butt or the ability to keep my sphincter shut. The gas blasted out of my ass like an exploding muffler. Refined lady attempt fail.

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  1. nicknick | | Reply

    Holding it in is not healthy and painfully, you shouldn’t be ashamed in front of your BF. He farts too… Everybody does it… I wouldn’t mind it if a girl farted in front of me 😉

  2. pooter | | Reply

    Yes I agree, I was just trying to be nice 🙂 No more of that nonsense though. Now when I have to fart, I sit very close to him 😀

  3. nicknick | | Reply

    Right decision! 🙂
    He’s your boyfriend, so he should accept everything and love every part of you, including farts 😛 right?

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