Poop before Inserting.

It’s my time of the month, and I had just put in a fresh tampon. About 30 minutes later, my insides started to violently gurgle. The leftover spicy Thai I had for lunch was punishing my colon. I sat on the toilet and my butt wildly sputtered out some hot ‘n messy digested curry. I looked down to wipe, and I saw that my white tampon string was no longer white. Curses! What should I do? Waste a newly inserted tampon or wipe as much watery poo off the string and continue wearing the contaminated object? I was still thinking about it while I wiped the string and then wiped my butt. And then I started thinking that keeping it in was just too disgusting, so I tugged the string (fingers protected with toilet paper) and flushed it down with my poop soup. I hate wasting a good tampon, but I hate something soaked in poo shoved against my wooha even more.

I did an image search for TAMPON STRING and it returned some nasty photos. So here is a picture of a cute kitten instead.

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