Stink Bomb

I took a flight not long ago, and as usual, I peed 10 minutes before boarding time to avoid using the tiny airplane bathrooms. I had a lot of urine buildup because I hadn’t peed for a couple hours before this particular potty break. The bathroom was large and had plenty of empty stalls. I picked the cleanest one and peed like a racehorse. The sudden peepee stench surprised me– I forgot I ate an abnormally large amount of asparagus for lunch, and this was the first pee since then. The smell filled the stall and lingered for a while. It still reeked when I was done, but the bathroom was empty so there were no witnesses (or victims) of my pee stank. Unfortunately, as soon as I opened my stall door, a flight attendant walked into the bathroom. And of all the stalls she could have used, she walked into mine. I’m sure her eyes were watering from the smell, but she was a trooper and stuck with it. I, however, was embarrassed so I quickly washed my hands and hauled ass to my gate.


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