Stink Bomb

I took a flight not long ago, and as usual, I peed 10 minutes before boarding time to avoid using the tiny airplane bathrooms. I had a lot of urine buildup because I hadn’t peed for a couple hours before this particular potty break. The bathroom was large and had


If you want your farts to smell like asparagus pee, start taking Coconut Oil vitamins. I’ve been taking them for a week now, and every time I fart it smells like how my pee would smell after eating a few stalks of asparagus. Sometimes it reminds me of raw sewage.

sniffy pee

not really fart or poop related, but i ate asparagus for lunch and peed 8 hours later. phew.. asparagus pee is strong! i only ate about 3 small puny (microwaved from frozen) asparagus stalks, and the smell was still as strong as if i ate an entire plate of fresh