Poo Log: 24 Feb 2016

Type: Clumpy, small, irregular solid chunks. Needed the Squatty Potty to help pinch out every piece.
Smell: Like raw sewage.
Where: Bedroom bathroom
Time: 4:57 PM — Was too busy at work to poop. Had a turtle head on the way home.
Duration: Poo from start to finish took six minutes. Stayed on toilet for 15 minutes in case of residual poo (also because I was on my iPhone looking through Instagram). Thighs were numb.
What I ate: Lunch consisted of BBQ leftovers and mac ‘n cheese. Breakfast was a glass of Kefir.
Poo Satisfaction: 5 out of 10. Wasn’t much. Left minimal streak marks in toilet as a gift for my husband.

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