Poo Log: 25 Feb 2016

Type: Mushy. Oozed out of my butt, resulting in embarrassing sputtering noises heard by coworkers in the hallway outside. Poop disintegrated on contact with toilet water. Bits of floating and sunken poo particles separated from main dung mass.
Smell: VERY BAD.
Where: Office bathroom (single person bathroom with sink)
Time: 11:47 AM, purposely pooped before the lunch rush hour foot traffic began (office toilet is around the corner from the kitchen)
Duration: Poo from start to finish took less than a minute. Stayed in bathroom for additional two minutes for an extra flush to get rid of floaters and sprayed room with lemon scented air freshener.
What I ate: Dinner last night was a giant salad with mushrooms, fruit, and chicken. Lunch yesterday consisted of BBQ leftovers and mac ‘n cheese. Breakfast this morning was a glass of Kefir. Snacks yesterday included a banana and chocolate candy.
Poo Satisfaction: 7 out of 10. Still feels like I have some mush to expel.
Update: Visited bathroom at 4:20 PM before leaving the office and farted violently into toilet. Gas released also included fist-sized diarrhea clumps. 9:30 PM felt another bowel movement. Explosive mud-like gunk shot from anal area into home toilet with assistance of Squatty Potty.

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