Poo Log: 26 Feb 2016

Type: Explosive diarrhea
Smell: Surprisingly mild
Where: Round 1: Milk Tea cafe public bathroom
Round 2: Home bathroom
Time: Round 1: 10:20 PM about 20 minutes after my first sip of milk tea at the cafe
Round 2: 11:30 PM immediately after getting home
Duration: Round 1: 6 – 7 minutes bathroom time. Went in to pee, sat on toilet for a few minutes while agonizing over shooting abdominal pains, poo finally torpedoed out of butthole. Hit toilet water hard; dirty backsplash on butt cheeks; cringing with disgust.
Round 2: 15 minutes. Poo only lasted a couple minutes. Remaining time: On my iPhone (that’s how you get hemorrhoids).
What I ate: Breakfast: Glass of Kefir and water. Lunch: Turkey croissant sandwich and fries; Gelato. Dinner: Chinese food. After dinner snack: Milk tea with pudding and tapioca balls. It was the milk (lactose intolerant).
Poo Satisfaction: 6 out of 10. Unsatisfying, dirty dump. Still cringing from public bathroom water + my diarrhea water backsplash. Stomach still hurts.

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