It’s been a while since I trapped my husband in the bathroom while I pooped. Not because I’m nice, but because my bowel movements haven’t coincided with his shower schedule lately. That changed yesterday when I had the diarrhea gurgles five minutes after he turned on the water. Conditions were

Sizzlin’ Hot

I like to take really hot showers, especially when it’s freezing outside. I usually let the water run for a while until it’s nice ‘n steamy, then I get in and test the water condition over my legs first before exposing my torso to it. I did this the other


Happy Thursday. In recognition of Throwback Thursday, here is a story from a couple decades ago. I ran cross country in high school. We had practice runs every morning before school, so we showered in the women’s locker room before classes started. One morning, I felt very gassy. As I