I am still eating peanut butter, and it is still giving me horrendous farts. I took a shower and right when I reached for my towel, I farted a diarrhea-smelly fart. I wasn’t sure if the vibrations I felt from the toot were because of the shower water still in


I had a really dissatisfying poop the other day. I don’t know how I get these poops, but it’s the kind where the poo balls don’t completely fuse into log form yet, and you end up dropping little poo cannon balls into the toilet. The size of my balls (hehe)

shit naked

i have a fear of being burglarized while popping a squat on the toilet naked. hey, it happens.. i mean the naked shitting part. and the fear of home break ins. sometimes i have an urge to poo right before a shower, and instead of putting my clothes back on