Perfect Poo

My stomach started to make the diarrhea gurglings while I was at work. I swiftly left my desk and made it to the toilet seconds before my ass erupted with what felt like thousands of poo shrapnel shooting into the bowl. My butt let out a few bubbly, wet farts

Happy New Year!

There aren’t that many public restrooms in NYC, so when you have the squirts you are basically shit out of luck in finding a bathroom. This is especially true around the holidays when the city is even more over-populated with tourists, and everyone is crowded into the one bathroom that

Cherry Poops

I retract my previous victory statement. The cherries are still winning. Throughout the day I’ve had a sour stomach. I knew it was the gas from the cherries, but it was only a mild discomfort. Thirty minutes ago I just finished a three mile run. During the run I started