Hope everyone had a great Christmas. My days leading up to Christmas was full of constipation and butt pain. I had to poop really badly the day before, but I didn’t have time to stop and sit on the toilet because of work. I held in my poop for a

Anal Probe

I had my butt poked and prodded last week voluntarily, and I paid good money for it. No, no you sickos! I had a colonoscopy. The day before my surgery was hell. I had to drink two liters of the most disgusting liquid prep. It tasted like over-sweetened artificial lemon


I went to the butt doctor this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to getting an anal probing. While I was waiting in the exam room before the doc showed up, I was contemplating whether or not to wipe my fart box with a scented towelette to make the experience less