Hot Piss

My dog makes the best face when he pees in the morning. He squints his eyes and his tongue rolls out the side of his mouth as he sprays the grass. Then he lifts his head, and his jaw opens a little more as that last drop comes out. If

Maxi Foul

During my morning pee routine, my dog usually follows me into the bathroom because I give him a treat as I tinkle. This morning I ran out of treats. My dog was begging and begging… crying, whining, and wimpering for a treat. I felt so bad, I didn’t know what

Long Dung

With all the junk I ate yesterday, my bowels were ready to release the crap this morning. As I sat on the toilet for my first morning pee, I also pooped at the same time. My poo log was so long that it took the entire duration of my pee