My Hiatus

Hi Friends, It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. It’s not because I haven’t pooped since May. I’ve pooped loads. It’s because I got pregnant, but that was a good thing. I was waiting for my three months to clear so I could share with you my pregnant-body colon stories.

Precious Poops

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on the forefront. I haven’t had any poots or toots worth mentioning in the last week. I did have sushi the other night, and then I pooped a little turd that looked like a fish, but it sank unlike a fish so that wasn’t

Sweet Symphony

I was in the bathroom washing my hands, and in walks my favorite coworker. She wasted no time and went straight for the stall, dropped her pants, and played me a smörgåsbord of pooty sounds. It went somewhat along with the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. I didn’t