rump shaker

i had a milkshake over the weekend. i am not lactose intolerant, but that milkshake really shook up my bowels. my megacolon produced hot and steamy gas that smelled a lot like rotten eggs. and yep, the smell seeped into my cotton padded chair and trapped my fart molecules in so that i could smell it for the rest of the night. i wonder if one can become lactose intolerant over time? i can eat a crapload of cheese like no one’s business and not shoot death out my ass as a consequence. so maybe i just had a bad milkshake. i hope so because i love dairy.

my milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard

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  1. nicknick | | Reply

    I totally see what you mean! I quite often have farts that seeps deeply into the material of my chair and then I smell it for the rest of the day lol
    BTW I’m always wondering why these hot farts, even when they sound just like a little *hisss* have the most rancid smell 🙂

  2. pooter | | Reply

    Right?? It smells like something died inside your colon!

  3. nicknick | | Reply

    Yep, good description of the scent. Sometimes it’s even worse… Like something crawled up into my colon, laid an egg (which appeared to be rotten) in there and then died lol

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