I was speed walking to the bathroom to drop a mad deuce, when I ran into a colleague. Usually, I say a quick hi and go on my way, but this time I had the misfortune of running into the office motormouth. My turtle head was about to bust past my cheeks, and this person would not shut up! I thought the extra kick in my walk towards the vicinity of the office restroom would have clued him in on the urgency of what was about to take place, but no obvious signs of I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP PRONTO was registering with him. I was using all my might to hold it in I think I unintentionally did my poopoo dance. Thank goodness another colleague of somewhat equal motormouthness passed by, and I was able to make my escape. That was a close one, but I made it without creating any tread marks. Phew.

Maybe if I had done this poopoo dance, my message would have been clearer.

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