Sewage poo strikes again

I was on a very important phone call, and I needed to take a dump really, really badly. Fortunately, my home bathroom doesn’t have much of a bathroom echo sound when speaking, so sitting on the can wasn’t going to be a big deal. However, I had the squirts, and the sound of my splatters hitting the water would most definitely get picked up by the sensitive receiver on my cell phone. So instead of comfortably sitting on the toilet and fulling opening my butt orifice for an all-out noisy release, I sat at the edge of the seat and slowly squeezed out the sludge. Sitting at the edge helped aim my poo droppings on the toilet slope so there was no sound of it hitting the water. Bad thing about that was the poo rested above the water, and the smell was unbearable. Rotten sewage. I couldn’t flush (that would give away all my hard work in keeping my dump secret), so I sat on the toilet for the remainder of the phone call until I could hang up and flush. My eyes started to water a bit.

Hot sewage! Get yer piping hot sewage here!

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