Fruit Farts

Eating too many cherries gives me a ton of gas and diarrhea. I hadn’t pooped in two days, so I ate 1.5 pounds of cherries last night. About 30 minutes later, my butt turned into a high-powered wind machine. I was farting so much that I couldn’t tell what was a wet fart or a normal fart. I finally felt a bowel movement ten minutes later, so I went to poop. Then I looked at my underwear… they were definitely wet farts. My undies had traces of beef stew splattered on it. I wanted to hurl. Instead, I hurled my underwear into the washer and my ass into the shower. I was still farting well into the night and as I went to sleep. I was afraid I’d fart-blast a turd into my undies as I was sleeping, but I woke up this morning with clean shorts. Victory.

Cherry fart bombs

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