I let my dog out to poo and pee this morning. He was out there for about five minutes unsupervised. He doesn’t always poop in the first five minutes, so when I went out to the backyard I wasn’t sure if he had done his business yet. The grass was covered in brown dead leaves, so searching for his nuggets would be impossible. I walked out onto the grass to see if he’d pop a squat, and then I smelled his already-released turd. It was strong. I figured it must be a big one because it smelled so horribly. I still could not see where the poop was so I let my nose find its location. 10 seconds later I spot the turd. It was a tiny piece of doggy poo hidden inside the tall blades of grass and fallen leaves. How my nose sniffed that out is beyond me. I knew my keen sense of smell was awesome, but not this superior. So I guess my superpower is my super nose. Yep, I can smell shit from a mile away.

You will never find my poop! Muah hahaha!

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