Strong Poop

I made a lengthy log in the toilet this morning. It was about 12 inches, and the back edge sat on top of the drain hole with the tip an inch away from the mouth of the hole, while the other end of the log curved like a banana towards the front of the bowl. Since it was situated in the toilet in that position, I knew it wouldn’t go down with only one flush. With the first flush, the log looked like it was trying to fold itself into the drain, but it was too strong. It moved a little to the side, letting the water and toilet paper flush past it. After the second flush, the tip moved closer to the hole and it looked like it was going to flush, but instead it held on to bowl, leaving its marks around the drain. Third flush it continued to struggle by grabbing on to the bowl, but the power of the water was stronger than the log’s grip, and the turd finally flushed. But the fight it put up was evident with all the streaks left in the bowl. The force was strong with this one.

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