Friends Forever?

I ate a big juicy burger last night for dinner, and today I had to poo so badly at work. Went to the office bathroom, and there was already someone in there, but I had no time to waste– the turtle’s head was popping out of its shell. As I un-pants’d myself, my neighbor was very quiet. Usually when I am in the middle of pooping and someone walks into the bathroom, I get shy and shut my sphincter so nothing audibly disgusting shoots out my bunghole. I’m assuming she was doing the same. I had no time to be shy today, so I ripped a big nasty fart as my turd was sliding out. This move gave my neighbor a bit of confidence because seconds later, she too, ripped a big nasty fart. I wasn’t finished so my a-hole sputtered out some more gassy goodness, and my neighbor again did the same. It was like we were somehow communicating. This went on a few more rounds until my colon was depleted of all farts and turds. I flushed and washed my hands. She also flushed, but she never emerged from the stall. Maybe she was shy about our game of battleshits. I hope our bowel movements are synced again in the near future. Our time together was short, but it was a strong connection.

This could have been us...

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