Pass the Savasana

I did it. I farted in yoga class the other day. I wasn’t even doing a downward dog or any pose with my privates in the air. It was at the end of class during Savasana, also known as final relaxation. The room was dead quiet, everyone lying on their backs in Corpse Pose. I guess I was a little too relaxed because I let a tiny ball of gas slip out my sphincter, and it had the unmistakable sound of a fart. The room remained quiet– everyone in the room was too mature to laugh, but I was still hell embarrassed. As soon as the word “Namaste” was said, I slowly got up, held my head down, and walked out of the room in shame. Thank goodness I pooped before class so my toot was unscented. The last thing you want in a room full of sweaty body odor smell is a touch of turd.

I didn't work my anti-fart muscle hard enough.

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