Little Red Bag

I hope I don’t lose any readers after I share some TMI, but here goes. My toilet is clogged and I cannot get it unclogged. I’m not sure why it’s backed up so much because it was working fine yesterday after I pooped ‘n flushed. It wasn’t until late last night when I flushed after I peed that the water wouldn’t retract quickly. This morning I tried everything to get it unclogged, but nothing is working. And then I had a massive bowel movement. I searched through my recycled grocery bags for a small, thick plastic bag. I didn’t want the bag to be too big and have the bottom drag and hit the top of the toilet water (can you tell I have had experience with this?). I found a nice red sturdy one, rolled up the top, and placed it under my butt. Plop plop plop into the bag. In retrospect I was really glad the bag was red and not clear. I knotted it and tossed it in the trash, and then tossed the trash in the dumpster. I pooped in a bag. I’m disgusting. I’m sorry.

Don't accept any red bags from me.

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