Butt Scream

Ice cream does a funny thing to my digestive system. I am mildly lactose intolerant, as in I can eat cheese and drink milk and just be slightly gassy, but if I eat ice cream my stomach expands and bloats and it’s very uncomfortable to almost painful. Last night I ate a large scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone. It was delicious. After five minutes, I started to get some gas pains in my abdominal area. Then my belly started to expand and hang over my pants. And then I started farting and it smelled like rotten eggs. It was horrible. I kept dutch-ovening myself in bed. This morning I farted a big crazy sputtering fart. No smell. Nothing at all. I have no idea where all that stink went, but it wasn’t coming out of my ass. So if you see me eating ice cream, stay away for a couple of hours. Also, don’t get under the covers with me.

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  1. deviant | | Reply

    Dang girl I’d love staying under the covers with you after huge serving of ice cream and enjoy the arousing aroma ^^

  2. FartingBat | | Reply

    Hahahahahahahaha xDD I know how that feels to Dutch-oven yourself in bed! I do that all the time to myself and my poor dog! Hahahahahaha

    • pooter | | Reply

      LOL.. love it!

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