Sonic Boom Butt

Is it true that all men have machine-gun-sounding poo-sputtering farts every time they poop? It sounds like a gun battle is commencing whenever my boyfriend sits down to take a dump. I sometimes get the fart sputters too, but that only happens when I have diarrhea; the boyfriend’s a-hole shoots

Sputter Sputter

I have leather seats in my car, so when I have to fart the air is sort of trapped between my butt and the non-absorbent seat cushions. I like to really push out my farts when I’m driving, especially when I am alone with the windows down. Since my butt


I am still stuck at the office with another coworker. It’s late and I want to go home. I have gas. My coworker is 5 cubes down from me. I can fart– he won’t hear it. I let out a big one very, very slowly. I misjudge the size of