pee like a racehorse

i was in the bathroom washing my hands when a coworker came in to pee. she took the stall closest to the sinks, unzipped and peed. she peed hard. the sound of her pee hitting the toilet was hard and frothy. it sounded like she was carving her face into the bowl. it was so hard-sounding i could imagine her pee splashing against the bowl and back onto her. and it was long, too. i finished washing my hands, dried them, fixed my hair, blotted my face for any traces of facial oil, left the bathroom, and as the door was closing behind me, i still heard the her angry pee as it was punishing the toilet. kinda gives new meaning to the racehorse pee phrase.

this is what i imagined the toilet to look like after she was done

on a different note, i got an email from… pretty sweet screen name. im going to have to use that one sometime in the future

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  1. Bubba | | Reply

    Just wanted to say that I love this entry, and if you have any more run-ins with your endlessly peeing co-worker, please pass them along!

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