I Doo

There is something about weddings that make me extra gassy. I attended one over the weekend, and I had the farts during the entire reception. I would have blamed the champagne for the extra bubblies in my intestines, but I didn’t drink any this time. Could be that usually by the time the food is served, I am extra starved so I scarf down my food too quickly, thus swallowing a lot of air along with my meal. Could also be that weddings are the few places I will drink a soda or anything carbonated. Or maybe I am just allergic to weddings and they make me want to blow smelly air out my ass. Just be careful if you see me on the dance floor and Jump Around by House of Pain starts playing.

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  1. Catherine | | Reply

    Oh man. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and the dinner gave me awful, awful gas. I was letting out SBDs all night and everyone was all “OMG! Who keeps farting!” and I did my best to act equally disgusted and angry.

    • pooter | | Reply

      HAHA!! I would have blushed, and my guilty shade of red would have let everyone know I done it!

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