Sniff Test

I made two mediocre poopies this morning. I still felt bloated afterwards, but I figured I was done for the day. I disrobed for my shower and then felt some movement in my bowels. I stood there with the water on and contemplated whether or not to take a shower. If I had to poop after the shower, then that would be a waste of a shower because I’d have to shower again after pooping, and I hate showering. So I leaned forward, waited a few seconds, and pushed out a fart. It was one of those deep farts where you feel like your colon is being deflated as the air is escaping from your butthole. Then I took a few steps back, bent over, and sniffed the vicinity of where my butt was. No malicious odors. That was my green light to shower. I farted one more time just to double check, stepped back, and sniffed. All clear. The shower commenced.

You've got to be one lazy (and dirty) person if you disobey this.

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  1. nicknick | | Reply

    I really admire how you’re not afraid to write things which most of people find “unladylike” with no shame. Also you have this unique style of writing, that even when you write about taking a sh*t or passing gas, you still keep being feminine. I don’t know how do you do that, but I like it 😉 Keep it up!

  2. pooter | | Reply

    LOL thank you nicknick. I try to keep it feminine, but it’s difficult sometimes!

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