V is for Victoryless

I have a love/hate relationship with automatic flushing toilets. They’re fantastic because of the obvious– no physical contact with the toilet flusher. In a perfect world I go in the stall, do my business, and as I’m pulling up my pants the evidence that I was there immediately vanishes into

Strong Poop

I made a lengthy log in the toilet this morning. It was about 12 inches, and the back edge sat on top of the drain hole with the tip an inch away from the mouth of the hole, while the other end of the log curved like a banana towards

She shoots she scores

I am having constipation issues. Last night I sat on my toilet and pushed for a few minutes. I refrained from using any help from my deceivingly strong hands and did some good old fashioned pushin’ and strainin’ (and gruntin’). I ehhhhnned and I huhhhhhhmmed until I finally got that