The Art of Push

Everyone poops. You get a bowel movement, you sit and the poop usually slides, shoots, or sputters out of your butthole without incident. But when you are constipated, the poop doesn’t come out so easily. That’s where the art of pushing comes in. I call it an art because you


I was at my friend’s place today and we were talking about poop sizes and shapes. One of the girls was saying she had to pinch her turds as they came out because if they were too long, they’d clog the toilet. I prefer when my poops come out in


i think the title speaks for itself. poop backsplash! ugh!! usually i can tell if i’m going to drop a cannonball into the toilet. when i feel a big one coming, ill scoot my butt up to the front of the toilet seat so that the slanting part of the