Bathroom Buddies

I went to poop in the office bathroom, and when I sat down a lady colleague sat in the adjacent stall. We both opened our orifices at the same time and released our waste simultaneously; she peed and I pooped. She peed a long, steady stream, and my poo log

Toilet Detour

My building is undergoing plumbing renovations, so maintenance has been going in and out of my apartment bathroom. I opted to work from home today, and unfortunately for me the maintenance crew knocked on my door before I had my morning bowel movement. It wasn’t until an hour after they

Happy New Year!

There aren’t that many public restrooms in NYC, so when you have the squirts you are basically shit out of luck in finding a bathroom. This is especially true around the holidays when the city is even more over-populated with tourists, and everyone is crowded into the one bathroom that